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Subsection Trichocarpeae

(Life; Embryophyta (plants); Angiospermae (flowering plants); Eudicotyledons; Order: Rosales; Family: Moraceae; Genus: Ficus; Subgenus: Synoecia; Section: Rhizocladus)


Ficus bakeri Elmer


Ficus cinnamomea Corner


Ficus hypophaea Schlechter


Ficus jimiensis C.C. Berg


Ficus nasuta Summerhayes


Ficus perfulva Merrill


Ficus phaeobullata Corner


Ficus pleiadenia Diels


Ficus supfiana Schlechter


Ficus trichocarpa Blume


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Corner, E.J.H. 1965. Checklist of Ficus in Asia and Australasia with keys to identification. The Gardensí Bulletin Singapore 21: 1-186.


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