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Ceratosolen Mayr

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Chalcidoidea; Family: Agaonidae; Subfamily: Kradibiinae)

Ceratosolen Mayr 1885. Type species: Blastophaga appendiculata Mayr 1885.



Ceratosolen abnormis Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen acutatus Mayr,1906


Ceratosolen adenospermae Wiebes,1965


Ceratosolen albulus Wiebes,1963

  Ceratosolen appendiculatus (Mayr,1885)

Ceratosolen arabicus Mayr,1906


Ceratosolen armipes Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen bakeri Grandi,1927


Ceratosolen bianchii Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen bimerus Wiebes,1965


Ceratosolen bisulcatus (Mayr,1885) 


Ceratosolen bisulcatus jucundus Grandi,1927 


Ceratosolen blommersi Wiebes,1989


Ceratosolen boschmai Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen brongersmai Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen calopilinae Wiebes,1963

Ceratosolen capensis

Ceratosolen capensis Grandi,1955


Ceratosolen coecus (Coquerel,1855)


Ceratosolen constrictus hewitti Waterston, 1921

   Ceratosolen constrictus (Mayr,1885)  
  Ceratosolen cornutus Wiebes,1994
  Ceratosolen crassitarsus gracilis Wiebes, 1963
  Ceratosolen crassitarsus (Mayr,1885)
  Ceratosolen dentifer Wiebes,1963
  Ceratosolen emarginatus Mayr,1906
  Ceratosolen feae Grandi,1916  

Ceratosolen ficophagus (Girault,1915)


Ceratosolen flabellatus Grandi,1916


Ceratosolen fusciceps (Mayr,1885)  

Ceratosolen galili Wiebes,1964


Ceratosolen grandii Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen gravelyi Grandi,1916


Ceratosolen gressitti Wiebes,1980


Ceratosolen hooglandi Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen humatus Wiebes,1963  


Ceratosolen julianae Grandi,1916


Ceratosolen indigenus Wiebes,1981


Ceratosolen internatus Wiebes,1978


Ceratosolen iodotrichae Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen josephi Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen immanis Wiebes,1981


Ceratosolen longimucro Wiebes,1989


Ceratosolen marshalli Grandi,1931


Ceratosolen medlerianus Wiebes,1980


Ceratosolen megacephalus Grandi,1916


Ceratosolen moderatus Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen mysorensis Joseph,1953


Ceratosolen orientalis Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen nanus Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen nexilis Wiebes,1980


Ceratosolen nigriscapus (Girault,1925)


Ceratosolen niveipes (Girault,1927)

  Ceratosolen notus (Baker,1913)

Ceratosolen nugatorius Grandi,1952


Ceratosolen namorakensis Risbec,1956


Ceratosolen pilipes Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen praestans Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen pygmaeus Grandi,1927


Ceratosolen ramirezi Wiebes,1991


Ceratosolen silvestrianus Grandi,1916


Ceratosolen solitarius Wiebes,1980


Ceratosolen solmsi (Mayr,1885)  


Ceratosolen solmsi marchali Mayr, 1906


Ceratosolen solomensis Wiebes,1994


Ceratosolen sordidus Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen stupefactus Wiebes,1989


Ceratosolen vechti Wiebes,1963


Ceratosolen vetustus Wiebes,1994


Ceratosolen vissali Wiebes,1981

  Ceratosolen wui Chen & Chou,1997


Old world: Afrotropical, Oriental, Palaearctic and Australasian regions.


Pollinators of fig species in Subgenus Sycomorus. Phytophagous: larvae developing in galled ovules.


Mayr, G. 1885. Feigeninsecten. Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien 35, 147-250.


Photographs Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

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