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Idarnes Walker

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Chalcidoidea; Family: Pteromalidae; Subfamily: Sycophaginae)

 Idarnes Walker, 1843. Type species: Idarnes carme Walker, 1843.

Idarnes carme species-group


Idarnes ashlocki Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes barbigerus Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes brevicollis (Mayr,1885) (Brazil)


Idarnes carme Walker,1843 (Saint Vincent)


Idarnes coriarius (Mayr,1885) (Brazil)


Idarnes dispar (Kirby,1890) (Brazil)


Idarnes forticornis (Mayr,1885) (Brazil)


Idarnes galbinus Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes gracilicornis (Mayr,1885) (Brazil)


Idarnes jimenezi Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes obtusifoliae Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes oscrocata Gordh,1975 (Mexico)


Idarnes punctatus (Mayr,1885) (Brazil)


Idarnes simus Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes thanatos Farache, Rasplus, Pereira & Compton, 2016 (Dominican amber: fossil species)

Idarnes flavicollis species-group


Idarnes bucatoma Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes camini Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)


Idarnes flavicollis (Mayr, 1885) (Brazil)


Idarnes micheneri Gordh,1975 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes incertus species-group

Idarnes amacayacuensis Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Colombia)

Idarnes amazonicus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Brazil)

Idarnes americanae Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes badiovertex Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Colombia)

Idarnes brasiliensis (Mayr, 1906) (Brazil)

Idarnes brevis Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes brunneus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes comptoni Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes cremersiae Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (French Guiana)

Idarnes dimorphicus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Brazil)

Idarnes flavicrus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes flaviventris Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes gibberosus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Colombia)

Idarnes gordhi Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes hansoni Bouček,1993 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes incertus (Ashmead,1900) (USA: Florida)

Idarnes maximus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Brazil)

Idarnes nigriventris Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes pseudoflavus Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Idarnes ramirezi Farache & Rasplus, 2017 (Costa Rica)

Unplaced to species-group (species only known from males)

  Idarnes attenuatus (Mayr, 1885) (Brazil)

Idarnes parallelus (Mayr,1885) (Brazil)

  Idarnes robustus (Mayr, 1885) (Brazil)


Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Cost Rica, Cuba, Grenada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, USA.


Species belonging to the I. incertus species-group are gall-makers and oviposit before pollination, while I. flavicollis species-group species oviposit at the same time as pollinators. The species belonging to the I. carme species-group species oviposit after pollination and are cleptoparasites and may feed on pollinator larvae (Elias et al. 89 2008; Elias et al. 2012; Farache et al. 2017).


Elias LG, Menezes Jr AO, & Pereira RAS. 2008. Colonization sequence of non-pollinating fig wasps associated with Ficus citrifolia in Brazil. Symbiosis 45:107-111.
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Farache FHA, Cruaud A, Genson G, Rasplus J, & Pereira RAS. 2017. Taxonomic revision and molecular phylogenetics of the Idarnes incertus species-group (Hymenoptera, Agaonidae, Sycophaginae). PeerJ 5:e2842 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.2842

Farache FHA, Rasplus JY, Azar D, Pereira RAS & Compton SG. 2016. First record of a non-pollinating fig wasp (Hymenoptera:Sycophaginae) from Dominican amber, with estimation of the size of its host figs. Journal of Natural History 50: 2237-2247, DOI: 10.1080/00222933.2017.1193646

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Walker, F. 1843. Descriptions of Chalcidites discovered in St. Vincent's Isle by the Rev. Lansdown Guilding. Annals and Magazine of Natural History. 12:46-49.


Photographs © Fernando Farache (FFCLRP-USP, Ribeirão Preto).

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