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Subsection Conosycea

(Life; Embryophyta (plants); Angiospermae (flowering plants); Eudicotyledons; Order: Rosales; Family: Moraceae; Genus: Ficus; Subgenus: Urostigma; Section: Urostigma)


Afrotropical species:


Ficus menabeensis Perrier


Ficus humbertii C.C. Berg


Indo-Australasian species:


Ficus acamptophylla Miquel


Ficus altissima Blume


Ficus annulata Blume


Ficus balete Merrill


Ficus beddomei King


Ficus benghalensis Linnaeus


Ficus benjamina Linnaeus


Ficus binnendijkii Miquel


Ficus borneensis Kochummen


Ficus bracteata Miquel


Ficus calcicola Corner


Ficus callophylla Blume


Ficus chrysolepis chrysolepis Miquel


Ficus chrysolepis novoguineensis (Corner) C.C. Berg


Ficus consociata Blume


Ficus cordatula Merrill


Ficus corneri Kochummen


Ficus costata Aiton


Ficus crassiramea crassiramea Miquel


Ficus crassiramea stupenda (Miquel) C.C. Berg


Ficus cucurbitina King


Ficus curtipes Corner


Ficus dalhouseae Miquel


Ficus delosyce Corner


Ficus depressa Blume

Ficus drupacea Thunberg


Ficus dubia King


Ficus fergusonii (King) Worthington


Ficus forstenii Miquel


Ficus glaberrima Blume


Ficus globosa Blume


Ficus hillii F.M. Bailey


Ficus involucrata Blume


Ficus juglandiformis King


Ficus kerkhovenii Valeton

Ficus kochummeniana C.C. Berg


Ficus kurzii King


Ficus lawesii King


Ficus lowii King


Ficus maclellandii King

Ficus microcarpa Linnaeus (introduced to many other regions of the world)


Ficus microsycea Ridley


Ficus miqueliana C.C. Berg


Ficus mollis Vahl


Ficus pallescens (Weiblen) C.C. Berg


Ficus paracamptophylla Corner


Ficus patellata Corner


Ficus pellucidopunctata Griffith


Ficus pharangensis Gagnepain


Ficus pisocarpa Blume


Ficus archboldiana Summerhayes


Ficus pubilimba Miquel


Ficus retusa Linnaeus


Ficus rigo F.M. Bailey


Ficus spathulifolia Corner


Ficus stricta (Miquel) Miquel


Ficus subcordata Blume


Ficus subgelderi Corner 


Ficus sumatrana (Miquel) Miquel


Ficus sundaica Blume


Ficus talbotii King


Ficus trimenii King


Ficus tristaniifolia Corner


Ficus xylophylla Miquel 


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