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Figs and fig wasps




Diversity and distribution of fig trees


Fig wasps


Fig wasps and their diversity


Fig wasp - fig tree mutualism 


Biology of the interaction between fig wasps and fig trees

Videos of the interaction


Other insects and fig trees 


Interaction between other insects and fig trees


Fig-eating by vertebrate frugivores including humans


Who feeds on figs. Do we eat fig wasps when we eat figs?


Photo Duncan Butchart


Research and conferences on figs and fig wasps

Fig News

Newsletter edited by Steve Compton and Tony Ware in the1990's


Fig and fig wasp references


Published literature on fig trees and fig wasps


Figs of Southern & South-Central Africa


Brochure of John and Sandra Burrows' fig book published in December 2003


Videos on figs and fig wasps

Books on figs and fig wasps

The figs of Borneo

A guide to Borneo's 150 species of wild fig trees, stranglers, lianas and shrubs. An excellent site by Quentin Phillips.

Kees Berg Norway 1994 The fig community mourns the passing of Kees Berg on the 31 August 2012

VIII International Fig Symposium 2012


University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto City, Brazil

23-29 June 2012

Wonderful World of Wasps exhibition

Including the fig - fig wasp mutualism.

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