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Alfonsiella longiscapa Joseph

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Chalcidoidea; Family: Agaonidae; Genus: Alfonsiella)

Alfonsiella longiscapa Joseph, 1959. Holotype in ?. Type locality: Guinea.




Alfonsiella longiscapa_map

Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia.


Ficus_natalensis_natalensis Ficus_thonningii

Pollinator of Ficus natalensis natalensis Hochst. and Ficus burkei (Miq.) Miq.

Elisabethiella allotriozoonoides (Grandi), Alfonsiella brongersmai Wiebes, Alfonsiella longiscapa Joseph & Alfonsiella natalensis Wiebes have been recorded together in the same fig crop in Uganda (Compton et al., 2009).


Compton, S.G., Grehan, K. & van Noort, S. 2009. A fig crop pollinated by three or more species of agaonid fig wasps. African Entomology 17: 215-222.

Joseph, K.J. 1959. On a collection of fig insects (Chalcidoidea: Agaontidae) from French Guiana. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B). 28:29-36.


Photographs Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

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